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The Legend of the Mall

A mall is where the heart is.

A place where the soul is.

And the heart of a mall is a person.

For the first time in more than a decade, we’ve gotten the chance to see a man who embodies that.

He’s the man behind the mall, the person who is the mall’s face and soul, and a person whose presence will forever change our town.

For decades, Tom’s Place was a place for people to come and spend the holidays in a mall without worrying about their food or shopping for groceries.

That changed last year, when Tom’s began to close its doors to new guests.

A new, much bigger mall opened just outside of town, with the opening of a new store that’s been described as a new place to live.

It’s a new mall for everyone, but it also represents the end of a time.

“We have a lot of things going on here,” Tom’s CEO Brian O’Brien said this week as he introduced the new store.

“And there are a lot more things that we’re looking to do.”

We are looking to open another mall.

And we are not stopping.

We’re just not going to stop.

“Tom’s is the place where people go to shop and have fun.

For a while, it was the place for a lot people to hang out and have a good time.

That’s about to change.

At the time of Tom’s opening, there were a lot less people here than in the year prior.

The town’s population was only about 3,500, and the city’s population is only about 1,500.

But the new mall has turned a corner.

People are staying, shopping, and having fun.

That was the hope of the town’s residents, and they were thrilled with the new shopping experience.

But as the mall has grown, so has the town.

In 2013, the mall had a net loss of $1.6 million, according to the American Institute of Architects report.

Last year, it lost $1 million.

And by 2019, it expects to lose another $1-million.

So why is Tom’s going away?

The answer, according O’Brien, is simple: people are leaving.

The mall, he says, has become a destination for a new generation of people.

The city has lost about 50,000 people since 2010, according a city analysis.

A lot of that has been due to economic changes.

And that’s one of the reasons O’Connor is not giving up on Tom’s.

He says the town is trying to get people back, both through education and through a variety of programs that have been put in place to help people find jobs and housing.

It’s going to take time.

It takes a lot to bring people back from the brink.

But for now, Tom Sells is staying open, and it’s going forward.

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