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Adho Kadai Use How to tell if you’re an Apollo Legend, from the stars to the Moon

How to tell if you’re an Apollo Legend, from the stars to the Moon

Apollo was the first lunar lander, and it was the only one to make it to the moon.

The story of Apollo is one of epic proportions, and as we get into the history of the space program, the question arises: which of the men who helped bring the first men to the surface of the moon were Apollo Legend? 

We asked NASA historian and author Peter Crampton to answer that question for us.Read more Apollo legend: The story of the Apollo missions Apollo legends are very rich and have to do with the stories of the people who were part of the program, and the people involved.

It’s about what happened in the program.

If you look at the Apollo Program itself, it was an amazing achievement.

The men who were on the moon and back then, they were just phenomenal men, and they put everything they had into it, and that’s what’s so special about them.

They were incredible leaders, they knew how to take risks, and when you’ve got the guys on the ground, you’ve just got to trust them.

Apollo Legend: Apollo 1 – The mission In 1969, NASA had three men who wanted to go to the space station.

John Young, a scientist, was in charge of the Lunar Module. 

The first thing they had to do was get their equipment and supplies to the station.

The crew was also going to be in a lunar module.

So the men on the Lunar module were the guys that got to the point where they had all their equipment in a sealed container, they’d put it in a crate and it would come out of the crate.

The guys that were going to get the capsule on the capsule, they would have to go down to the lunar module, and then take the capsule out of that crate, put it into the capsule and go back to Earth.

So that was the basic plan.

The crew were all very motivated, and in that crate they would put all their stuff in a small box, and put it away for a couple of days.

And then they would come back to the capsule with the capsule.

Then they would get a small parachute that would take them away from the surface, and you’d be able to watch them.

The other thing they needed to do, the astronauts, were in the capsules, they didn’t know what was going to happen.

And so they had a little bit of a plan.

But the plan that they had, that they could work on, they couldn’t work on for two days, three days, four days, five days.

So they had two days to work on it.

They got in a car, and all the other guys got in the same car, so they’d all go to a certain area, they all went to the same place.

And they were all in the car together, and one of them would look out the window, and he would look down and say, “I’m going to jump off the roof of the capsule.”

He’d jump off.

He went down to a specific area, and from there he would land, and if he landed he would be taken back up, and there would be a small radio dish in his hand.

And he would have a small piece of paper that said, “Hello, this is John Young.”

The next day, he’d come up and say “Hi, I’m here to tell you about this.”

So that was John Young’s way of communicating with his colleagues, and so he’d have that paper with him.

And he’d write, “Hi again, I’ve got some news for you.

This is John.

I got a call from the Apollo 1 mission.

I’m going up to the Lunar Cube Module.

You all need to come down to this place, so I’ll show you what’s going on there.”

And he would go and talk to the guys there, and say something to the other crewmen, and this was how he would keep the guys engaged, and stay with them.

They would go to work, they had good morale, and everybody was having a good time.

The second thing they were going do was, they did a little science experiment on the spacecraft, and after a while, they started thinking, “What if we could go to Mars, what if we were going back to our own world?”

And so the crew started looking at what they could do there.

I’ve seen a lot of the books on the Apollo Missions, the history books, that say, they went to Mars.

I don’t know if that’s true, and I’m not going to try to disprove it.

But I’ve seen books that say they went back to Mars because they couldn, because they were in this bubble, that was not the way they thought about the world, so if they went there, what was the chance they would make it back?

They didn’t

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