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Adho Kadai About How to build a burger that’s a burger, but also a burger-tastic dessert

How to build a burger that’s a burger, but also a burger-tastic dessert

A burger that is both delicious and easy to eat has been dubbed the “bread pudding” of burgers.

Key points:A burger made with gluten-free flour, with a dairy-free crust and made with a gluten-less crust is now the most popular burger in Australia, according to a studyThis is the result of a nationwide survey of Australian burger jointsThe results reveal a trend of burgers making the cutWhen you see a burger with a “gluten-free” crust, you may think it’s a speciality, but a new survey has found that’s not the case.

A study from the Australian Burger Association (ABC) found that out of the more than 5,000 burger joints across Australia, a whopping 92% were using gluten-based crusts.

“The gluten-containing crusts are typically made with either whole wheat flour or rice flour, and the gluten is removed before the flour is combined with water and baking powder to form a dough,” the ABC’s Sarah Smith reports.

“Gluten-containing flour-based burgers tend to be healthier, lower in fat and contain less fat, while gluten-flour-based desserts tend to have more sugar and added calories, and are often more filling.”

The study also found that more than 60% of the respondents said they had never had a burger made from a gluten free crust, while almost half of respondents had had one in the past.

“People in Australia are very keen to try a gluten based burger, which is good news because a glutenfree burger is more popular than ever, particularly in regional areas,” Dr Smith says.

“But while gluten is widely used, it is a relatively small amount of the diet.”

If you look at the US and UK, there are still some large countries where there are large portions of people who eat a gluten Free diet, and that is probably because people in those countries are more likely to have access to healthful foods and don’t necessarily have access in other parts of the world,” she adds.”

What people don’t realise is that there are a lot of other options out there and they can actually get healthier and make better food choices.

“A gluten free burger is an all-vegetarian, dairy-less recipe with a combination of ingredients from the dairy industryThe results of the ABC survey revealed that people who are gluten-sensitive tend to eat a lot more than people who aren’t, but the majority of people with gluten sensitivity are happy with their choice.”

There is no question that people are more interested in gluten-Free food than non-gluten food,” Dr Williams says.

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