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Adho Kadai About Pokemon Legends: Arceus & Raichu in Pokemon XY&Z

Pokemon Legends: Arceus & Raichu in Pokemon XY&Z

If you missed the recent Pokemon X & Y trailer, then it’s a good time to get a grip on the upcoming Pokemon XY & Z. In the first trailer, we see a couple of new Pokemon and then in the second trailer, the pair of Pokémon we have been waiting for are in the form of Arceos and Raichus.

The two new Pokémon in Pokemon X&Y have an interesting look to them.

Pokemon X and Y have a few differences in their designs, but both have the same basic design.

In both games, the two Pokémon are able to fly.

Arceuses can fly, while Raichuses are capable of only hovering.

Both Pokémon have unique moves, which can be used in battle.

Pokemon XY also has a few new Pokemon to try out, including the mysterious Raichan.

The battle between Arceuus and Raicos in the Pokemon XY game is pretty epic, with the two Pokemon having the best stats in the game.

Arcesuus has a base stat total of 942 Attack, 562 Defense, and 821 Special Attack, while Raticos has a total of 865 Attack, 661 Defense, 804 Special Attack.

The duo is capable of using some unique moves that can help out in battle and is capable with using one of these moves in the battle itself.

While it’s clear that Arceuseis and Raixus are capable fighters, it’s unclear whether or not they can actually hit each other with their unique moves.

In addition to the new moves, there is also an interesting side story that will be included in Pokemon Generations.

The story is set in the same world as the main story of Pokemon X, but in the world of Pokemon XY, it is different.

The main story will be updated in the future and we can expect to see more of it as time goes on.

In the meantime, if you want to try Arceurus out in Pokemon Z, then you can head to the Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire website to find out more.

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