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Adho Kadai About How Tomb Raider got its name

How Tomb Raider got its name

By Chris MannixA few years ago, when I was writing the story of the game that was going to become Tomb Raider, I had a meeting with the game’s creators.

They were a bit of a team, they’d done a couple of games before, and they were very pleased with the results.

They’d just completed a huge reboot of the franchise, and had a pretty decent game in the process.

But what they were really interested in was how I came up with the word “Tomb Raider.”

They were happy to hear that it was going by the name of an arcade game.

It was actually a pretty long and convoluted story, so I had to dig a bit deeper.

I had actually played the game, and I’d been working on a piece on it, and it had become clear to me that the word Tomb Raider could be a bit problematic, especially for those of us who didn’t actually know what a “TOM” was.

So I got out my pencil and started writing a memo.

I said, “I’m going to start from scratch.”

And I just put down the word, and then I went on and started going back and forth on it.

I wrote it down and I sent it off to the game makers, who were all very impressed with my idea, and were really excited about it.

The team at Eidos Montreal also seemed pretty pleased with it.

So, that’s when I started writing the script for the Tomb Raider reboot.

I’d seen the script that they had written, but I’d never really seen the finished product.

I went back and started reading the script, and, in fact, when it was published, I was so blown away by it that I thought, “This is the best script I’ve ever read.

This is so well written.”

The Tomb Raider team, in turn, said, No, this is not the game we want to make.

They said, It’s not the story we want, we don’t want it to be a Tomb Raider game.

I don’t know what else to say, so it was an awesome feeling.

But I’m pretty sure that they were pretty proud of the script.

And they didn’t just go, “No, we’re not making this.”

They said they wanted a new name, a brand-new name, because the game would have been a mess without that new name.

They wanted it to stand for something else.

And it was, at the time, an interesting choice to make, because it meant that a lot of people would have to hear a new, different, different Tomb Raider.

That was the beginning of the whole story.

The story itself became a bit more complicated.

There were a lot more stories that we had to tell.

I think the Tomb Raiders had more to do with the story itself than they did with me writing it.

But it’s all well and good to have a script.

When I finished writing the Tomb Warriors reboot, I started looking into how I might make a Tomb Raiders reboot.

It wasn’t as complicated as the Tomb Hunters reboot, but it had more elements.

So when I saw that Tomb Raider was doing really well and was in great shape, I said to myself, “What if I wrote a Tomb Warriors game?”

And that was the first time I thought about writing a reboot, which was actually my first time writing a game.

So it was a little bit more daunting, but in retrospect, it was all worth it.

It’s the only game I’ve written, so there was no question that I was going out and writing the game.

But at the same time, I think I really liked the script and the team’s enthusiasm about it, so that led to some other games and a lot further work on the Tomb Heroes reboot.

There’s a bit in the script where the Tomb Lords are really the big villains in the reboot.

So there was this whole series of events that we thought would be interesting to do in the game: the story is a bit different from the Tomb Riders reboot, there’s more story to do, and there are a lot less of these big, scary Tomb Lords, which are the central antagonists in the franchise.

So the Tomb Knights, the Tomb Rangers, the Knights of the Temple, all these other things were all part of the process of how we approached the reboot, and we ended up doing them all.

So that was my first foray into the Tomb Wars universe, which is kind of where it’s at today.

That’s a good thing for me, because there’s been so much more work on that, and so many other things that have come out since I started working on the game and writing it in the first place.

It really has been a great experience.

And that’s something I can’t really explain, because I’ve never written a game before.

I’ve always just been writing stuff. But, I

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