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How to get the best deals on Nike Air Max 90 sneakers

Nike Air Jordan 10s, 11s, 15s, and 19s will be released this summer, and the shoe will set the benchmark for the Nike Air range.

As you might expect, Nike Air is selling off some of its biggest-selling sneakers at a steep discount, as you might have guessed.

We’re breaking down the most important deals that are available, from Nike’s most popular Air Jordan models to other premium sneakers.

The best deals: Nike Air 10s (10,000): Nike Air’s best-selling sneaker right now.

The 10s is the most popular model of the bunch, and is currently sold out at Best Buy.

If you want to grab one, it’s currently available at Amazon for $300.

You can find the 10s at Best Buys for $150 and Target for $180.

Nike Air LeBron 11 (11,500): The best-seller on the market right now, this LeBron 11 is Nike’s best selling sneaker at the moment.

If that’s not enough, the 11 has a $200 price tag.

Get yours for $100 off at Nike at or at

Nike LeBron 12 (13,500) (Available exclusively at The newest Nike Air model, the 12 has a new black color scheme, a slightly thinner sole, and an all-new design.

Nike says the 12 will be available exclusively at select Nike retail stores and online at the end of the month.

Nike Kobe 9 (9,900): The second-best selling Nike Air product, the Kobe 9 has the same color scheme as the Kobe 10, but has a thicker sole and more modern design.

It’s available at and at select online retailers.

Nike Zoom 10 (10 to $100): The latest Nike Air release from the Jordan Brand, the Zoom 10 has a black colorway with a white mesh upper.

You’ll get one for $80 off at Amazon or BestBuy at Amazon and Target.

Nike NMD 8 (9 to $50): The Nike Nukem8 is the newest Nike model.

It looks similar to the Nike N8, but is a bit more detailed and a bit lighter.

You get one pair for $40 off at Target.

Check out our comparison of the Nike Nike Nmd 8 and the Nike Zoom 8 below.

Nike Flyknit 8 (8 to $30): Nike’s latest Air Jordan release, the Flyknit8 has a more comfortable upper and a mesh sole, which makes it ideal for casual wear.

It is currently available exclusively for $30 at,, and; it is not available at other retailers.

For a full list of available Nike Air products, check out our Nike Air 8 review.

Nike Dunk High (9.99 to $40): Nike is introducing the Nike Dunk, a new low-top sneaker that will release this summer.

Nike is calling it the most “dynamic” of the sneaker line, and it’s a bit different than the other models.

The Dunk will feature a “double-layered” mesh upper and leather uppers, and a “flyknit” rubber outsole.

Nike’s Dunk High is available exclusively through Best Buy, Nike’s online store, and select Nike retailers.

The Nike Dunk has been available exclusively online at since February of this year, but it has yet to release to the public.

Nike Xtreme 8 (7 to $10): Nike has also announced that the Nike Xlmax, the latest iteration of the Xtremo 8, will release exclusively this summer for $10.

Nike promises that the Xlminx will be “one of the most flexible sneakers on the planet.”

Nike Air Boost (9:50 to $70): The next Nike Air launch is the Nike Boost.

The shoe will be made exclusively for Nike by Adidas, which will be releasing the Air Boost in June.

It will be the first Nike Air to come in the X-pattern colorway.

It comes in a range of different colorways, including a “black-and-white” version, as well as a limited edition version in a charcoal black color.

Nike has said that the new Boost will be more customizable than its predecessors.

Nike Boost II (9 (9) to $80): Nike released the Nike Power Boost II in late March of this, which is a “super light” model of its own.

It sports a mesh upper, and will come in a “Black-and/or Red” colorway as well.

Nike also said that it is working on a new Boost.

Nike Power II (8:50): Nike announced the Nike Force II in early March, which was a “new design” of its original Power Boost.

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