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The AEGis Legend: Marvel Legends Venom has been released on Blu-ray and DVD and is available now exclusively through The Geekvape Store!

The AEA Legend: Venom Collection includes all five Venom movies and the entire run of Venom: First Blood and The First Avenger.

It includes all four episodes from the movie, plus new deleted scenes from the movies The First Blood, The First Avengers, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and The Avengers 2: War of the Worlds.

You can find the DVD on Amazon, Amazon Prime, and Best Buy.

Here are some exclusive details on this amazing collectible set.

First of all, there’s an amazing collection of special features.

This is the first Venom collection that I’ve seen where we actually get to see Venom’s back story and see how his past evolved from the beginning.

There’s a new behind-the-scenes video with special interviews with the producers, writer, directors, actors, and others.

There are also new behind the scenes photos and special effects that you can watch.

And we have a bunch of exclusive Venom memorabilia, including Venom-themed tattoos, a Venom logo bookmark, and a Venom collectible pin.

The collector’s box also includes an exclusive Venom T-shirt and a limited edition Venom-inspired hoodie with a Venom-branded logo.

There are also a ton of bonus features for this collection, including special interviews and more.

These include a special look at the movie with the writers, directors and actors behind it, and an interview with star Ryan Reynolds.

I also got a rare look at The Avengers movie poster.

Finally, I got to see the entire Venom film and the first half of the Venom series.

The Venom Legends Venom collection is $49.99 on Amazon and $59.99 at Best Buy and other retailers.

Check out the set on or at your local geek shop!

Check out more exclusive exclusives on The GeekVape store!

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