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What do you call the first legend?

MSNBC — A legend of a certain kind is a word or phrase that has become so pervasive in American speech, it has a name and a meaning.

We call it a legend because its been around so long that people have a memory of its existence.

The phrase is derived from the Latin word meaning legend.

But legend, a word, is actually a term that can be applied to any number of people, including the same person.

For example, a legend of John Wayne may refer to a person whose life was cut short at the age of 17, or a legend that a man was killed by a stray bullet in the late 1800s.

The word legend has an entirely different meaning for a historian, a historian who studies and records the lives of people who lived and died in the past, and whose work is a source of interest and knowledge for generations to come.

Legend can also be used to refer to any person or thing that has been lost or forgotten in time.

And legend can be used with different connotations.

If the word legend refers to a lost or lost cause, the word “legend” can refer to an idea or story, such as a legend about a famous man or a legendary figure, which often comes in conjunction with a legend.

Legend is also a word that means “explanation,” meaning something that someone else knows and is trying to explain or explain in some way.

Legend also refers to an act or behavior, such a the story of the famous legend that led to the death of a famous person.

Legend may be a name for an event or event that took place, or it may be the name for a story that has a connection to a particular person or place.

Legend has also been used as a synonym for legend.

In fact, the two terms can be synonymized because both are used in different ways.

A legend of someone or something can refer back to an event that happened before or after the legend is used.

A classic example is the story about the legend that lead to the birth of King Arthur, the legend of which refers to the legend and its origins.

And a legend can refer either to an individual, or to a group of people or events.

The idea that people are able to tell legends is something that is widespread in many cultures, including in many places in the United States.

A historian who has lived in a number of different places has been able to collect legends from various sources and combine them to form legends that are as old as we know them.

Legend of the Great Depression is a classic example of this, as is a legend, that the Great Society helped create the Great Recession.

The same story is told in many legends of the Holocaust, such the story that the Nazis were so bad that they had to be shot on sight.

A number of other legends of legends, such that the Holocaust took place and the Holocaust survivors were innocent, are common in our society.

For instance, many people believe that the American Revolution occurred after the Revolutionary War, but that it was not the result of the Civil War, the Battle of Yorktown, or the Battle for Baltimore, as some historians have argued.

A story about a mysterious event that led up to the Civil Rights Movement is a common legend.

And legends of things that were once common and not so common, such, say, the birth and death of John Adams, the founding father of the United Kingdom, are also common.

Legend and legend of events are both important in American life, but history is more than just words and figures.

In America, the most famous legends have been found in places such as the Bible, the Bible itself, and even in the works of other writers.

And in a country that has had so many different myths, there is an obvious overlap of some of these myths.

There is a very strong link between what is written in the Bible and what people believe to be true, which can often cause confusion and problems in American society.

This is especially true when it comes to American legends, since people often believe what they read in the bible to be accurate, as opposed to what they have read from other sources.

And the stories we hear about in American mythology tend to be more colorful, more outlandish, and more outlandish than what the Bible describes.

For that reason, American people tend to think of myths as just another set of stories and the stories that are told in them.

But they are not.

The myth of the American Dream, for example, is an American myth, and it has been around for generations, dating back to the early 19th century.

There are a number American legends of American history, which is why it is important to understand them.

A lot of people believe in the myth of American exceptionalism, and that there is a reason for this belief, that it is a story told to a very special group of Americans.

It is also very common to hear American myths about the founding

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