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Adho Kadai Download John Legend’s new album is out, and it’s the most exciting thing you’ll hear this year

John Legend’s new album is out, and it’s the most exciting thing you’ll hear this year

Legend is set to release his new album in November and it will be his biggest yet.

John Legend has been steadily working on the record and it is due out in November.

The album will be a continuation of his most recent album, The Heist.

That record was the follow-up to his 2011 album The Heist and has been described as a love letter to the indie scene of the early 2000s.

“I don’t think I’ve ever written a record where I feel like I was in a place where I wanted to be in my life, and this is that,” Legend told Billboard.

“It’s the biggest album I’ve done.

It’s not a pop record.

It is really heavy.

And it’s not as poppy as some of the other records that I’ve written.

It feels like the heaviest record I’ve made.”

The Heist was a follow-on to the hugely popular 2010 album My Way and followed John on a solo tour to promote his follow-ups to his previous two albums.

The album was a smash, selling over 20 million copies worldwide and the first album to be certified Platinum.

The Heist is set in an alternative Los Angeles in the early nineties and is filled with songs that are more reminiscent of the punk-rock scene of that time than John’s previous works.

It features songs that explore themes like drugs and sex, as well as themes of identity and redemption.

Legend said the album is inspired by the “biggest hits” of the era and is “about reclaiming your identity and being true to yourself.

It can be a cathartic record or it can be something really dark.

It really depends on the mood you want to go into.

I want it to feel a bit like a love song, or a love ballad, it’s a love album or a song that you can’t put into words.”

Held for two years at Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles, The Legend Experience features live performances by John, Mark Ronson, The Roots, Justin Timberlake and more.

The first single, “I Want It All,” is a pop song that John has worked on before.

He told Billboard that he wrote the song during the filming of The Legend Sessions, where he recorded with a bunch of other artists and then they all came together for a songwriting session.

“It was a very collaborative thing,” he said.

“There was a lot of songs written in one day and then the next day they’re all sitting down in the studio and writing songs.

It was a real collaborative process and it really gave me an opportunity to get to know people who were so important in my music.

It gave me a lot more to do.

It taught me a ton about what to say in the song, and what to write.

I think it was the best song I wrote.

It has a real sound and it feels like something I’ve always wanted to write, and I’m excited to share it with the world.”

The album features songs from John’s career as well, including a track called “No More Tears,” which is about his relationship with his mother.

It also features an “I Know You Know” that John says was inspired by a conversation he had with his then-girlfriend and mother of his two young children.

“That song, I think, is about the relationship with my mother, and also about the music industry, and about all the people that are going through these times, so that was a big influence on it,” he explained.

“I’ve always had a strong relationship with people that I’m close to.

I feel the same way about my mother.

I’m like, ‘I know you know me, and that’s a real love letter.’

She’s a very special person.

She’s my mom.

I know she loves me.”

John is set for his first tour in four years as a solo artist and is planning on performing in the UK and Ireland later this year.

The Legend Experience is scheduled for release in the US on December 10 and is expected to sell around 200,000 copies.

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