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Why did the Irish lose their rugby title bid?

The Irish Rugby Championship is over and the curtain has been drawn on an incredible year for the country.

After losing the title game in the final to England in the last 16 of the tournament, Ireland’s hopes of a repeat of their historic victory over the hosts in the semi-finals were dashed.

Instead, Ireland lost in the play-off semi-final against Scotland and they also fell to the hosts, who they beat 4-0 in the first leg.

It was a year where the game of rugby was more about personality than football, a year when the game had become a more personal sport with a real focus on family, friends and mates than it had ever been before.

It would have been easy to view the results as an inevitable result of a disappointing season.

The fact is that Irish rugby had been a huge success.

The last time the tournament was played in the same venue as the European Championships, in 2007, Ireland won the competition by a whopping 34-0, but it wasn’t until the final, which Ireland won 4-1, that it really began to take off.

As the tournament wore on, the atmosphere grew more intense and the game became more physical.

The Irish team were able to play at a higher level than they had before.

Injuries to key players, including captain Dave Kearney, saw the team lose key players like Paul O’Connell and Kieran Marmion.

But there was no need to look beyond the results.

The players were not suffering.

There was no fear in the dressing room.

There was no panic.

There were no fears about what the next six months would bring.

The Irish were not a squad who were going to be disappointed.

They were not worried about whether they would be able to perform or not.

They just knew that their season was not finished.

The Rugby Championship had been great for them.

In many ways, it had been an ideal summer to go out and play for the national team.

The squad that went to the European Championship was a group of players who were young, hungry, motivated and excited.

The squad that made the Six Nations final, in Cardiff in June, was one of the most talented and talented teams in the world.

In a tournament of the highest calibre, it was no surprise that some of the best players in the country were there.

It just didn’t come as a surprise that the Irish would be disappointed to lose in the second semi- final to Scotland.

It had been said for years that the best way to go about making an impact in rugby was to play your best game.

So in the early stages of the Six-Nations tournament, the Irish squad was not playing as well as it should have.

The first game of the semi finals was a little too easy, and when it came to the play of the Irish players, it wasn:It was as if the team were having a chat about whether to attack or defend, and there was just no confidence from the group of forwards that they would win the match.

They didn’t feel the team was doing enough to get them to the next level.

This was a team that had been competing for years and had the opportunity to compete in the most important tournament in the game.

The team were too comfortable.

They knew they could win the tournament.

They had confidence that they were the best in the tournament and the team didn’t want to give them a taste of defeat.

The play-offs were a different story.

This time, it didn’t matter whether they were playing well or badly, the players just had to play their best game, and that meant winning.

In the first game against Scotland, it took a penalty try by Rory Best to give Ireland the lead.

Ireland had won the first two games in the tie and there were no worries about the run that the team had created.

The second game against the hosts was a perfect example of what Ireland’s players needed to work on.

They needed to get back to their game.

They needed to understand how to use their speed.

They had to understand the importance of making a winning pass.

It wasn’t just the run but the execution that Ireland needed to improve on to win the play offs.

And it was in those crucial moments that they started to really flourish.

As well as winning in the finals, Ireland were playing their best rugby of the season.

This team has been at its best in almost two years, and it has all come together at the right time.

I think the biggest thing is the confidence and the confidence of the players, but also the confidence in the coaches.

I think the confidence has to be built on a really positive base, a positive foundation of hard work and confidence.

The confidence that this team has is really what has made them a good rugby team for so long.

They have got the experience, the passion and the drive that you need to get better every year.

The focus on team work and the belief that it’s a team sport and you have to

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