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What we know about the Marvel superhero spiderman

Marvel Comics has revealed a brand new Spiderman figure and a new variant, one of the many Spiderman related exclusives coming to retailers next week.

The Spiderman Legends Spiderman variant will retail for $69.99.

That’s around US$14.99, about what a US$30 Spiderman statue would cost, which is what we expect the new Spidermans variant to be priced at.

Marvel also unveiled a new Spider-Man-themed tie-in poster, which will be available at comic shops and retailers for $10 each.

This is the first Marvel Legends Spider-man figure to be revealed, but the first of many that will appear in Marvel’s upcoming Spider-Con event.

It will be followed by a range of new, variant Spider-Men in 2019.

Here’s what we know so far about the Spiderman-themed variant.

Marvel Legends SpiderMan (Klaw) will be a fully articulated Spider-Mite, with interchangeable hands and feet.

He will also be able to use his webs and webslingers to perform some impressive moves.

The figure will also feature a new paint scheme that includes a new red, orange and yellow paint scheme.

This will be the first Spider-mite to be painted in this paint scheme since his debut in 2003.

The figure also includes a webbed head that can be attached to the back of his head, and an assortment of accessories including an arm-mounted webbing that can hang from his wrist.

The new Spidermite-themed Spiderman figures will also come with the first-ever Spider-Pilot variant.

The new variant will come with an interchangeable faceplate, Spider-Trainer armor and Spider-Shield, all of which will come equipped with Spider-pods.

This variant is limited to 100 units, and will be offered in limited numbers.

Marvel’s Spider-con 2019 will take place on November 16-17 in Atlanta.

The Spider- Con will also air on Comic-Con Live on Sunday, November 23, at 9pm on ABC.

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