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Apex Legends rampart vs. G1 Esports

The Apex Legends roster has been revealed as G1’s new top three roster for the 2017 Apex Masters in Seattle, with James “Apex” Caglione and Ryan “RiotCave” Bongiorno returning to the team as top laners.

Caglioni and Bonginorno are the second and third Apex Legends players, respectively, to join the team, joining the roster previously known as G-League team the North American Renegades, which debuted in January.

They have since transitioned to the Apex Legends brand, which is based in Atlanta.

Cave, who has been in the esports scene for almost three years, said the new Apex Legends lineup will be “full of talent” and will include several “new faces.”

“We are excited to have the Apex Legacy roster joining us,” Cagliorno said.

“We know our history as Apex Legends is something we are extremely proud of.

The roster we have chosen is full of talent, and will be able to bring the Apex legacy to an even greater level.”

The team will be joined by players such as former Apex Challenger jungler, Lee “Yeonhyun” Chan, former Apex Legends jungler and current team captain “Meddler” Lee, former G-Ladder jungler “Lucky” Kang, former World Elite player and former Apex Champions player, “DongDong” Jung, and former Team Dignitas player “Maktari” Kim.

“Our roster will include many new faces and have been working hard with the Apex team to improve,” said Bonginiorno.

“This is the Apex I’ve always wanted to be part of, and I am looking forward to playing with the team and building something awesome.”

The Apex Legacy team will compete in the Apex Masters event, which takes place this weekend.

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